Where are you located?

 We are located on the South West corner of Hampden and Chambers in Aurora, CO.  We are closer to Hampden Circle near 7-Eleven facing Chambers. 

What should I wear/bring?

 Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  You will want to bring different shoes than what you wear in the street for your safety.  Since you will be dancing you want to be able to have comfortable sneakers that are different from running shoes (as they grip more so to the floor than being able to pivot).  Bring a towel and water as you will definitely need it! 

Is there a beginners class?

 The beauty of these popular dance fitness programs is that it is open to everyone and comfortable enough to follow.  You go at your own pace - its not a competition :)  The more you come the more comfortable with the moves yuo will feel.

Do you offer Daycare?

 No.  We do allow children to be in attendance as long as they are preoccupied and sat off to the side.  Children under the age of 9 and not participating are NOT allowed on the dance floor.  Parents must be situated near their children so that they can easily attend to them when needed.  If they are causing disturbance it is asked that parents immediately attend to their children without delay. 

Do you rent out your studio?

 Yes.  Please contact the owner at 720-333-0596 for pricing and availability. 

Do you provide private parties?

We do provide private parties, please contact the owner at 720-333-0596 for pricing and availability.